Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Love of God

As you read the Bible, the revelation of God's love for His creation comes to life. When you begin to read about the work that God went through in creation to provide a perfect place for His greatest creation, you can not help but sense His great love for us. He loved us so much that even after we messed things up in the Garden, He still wanted to have a relationship with us. The most amazing aspect of this story is that God was calling out to his creation in the cool of the day even after He knew they had sinned against Him. Of course He knew what Adam and Eve had done - they disobeyed His command. But still He called out to them because He wanted a relationship with His creation.

As you continue to read His word, you find that even though we sinned against Him - He loved us enough to forgive us of our sins. We ask ourselves how he can love those who are in rebellion against him? How can He love me when I have done so much wrong? How could He forgive me for the horrible things I have done? Society screams revenge, justice and let's get even, while Jesus says, "forgive those who despitefully use you", "love your enemy", "love your neighbor as yourself". The scream of society is very different from the still small voice of the Spirit. The voice of the Spirit cries, "Mercy and love". Obviously not because we deserve mercy and love but because He loves us.

I for one am thankful for God's love and His mercy. Can we be thankful for God's love? Can we love the unlovable? Can we be His hands extended? My prayer is that God's love can be seen in my life. How about you?