Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogging Is A Challenge

Well, once again I have not kept up with posting. I do have a great excuse this time. I have been busy working on an MDiv program. I guess that excuse is as good as any of the rest. Also, I can't seem to get anyone to post comments. It is boring to simply blog to myself. Maybe I need to try that Twitter thing. I am not sure what all is entailed in that, but I have heard allot about it.

I recently joined Facebook and found tons of my high school friends are on there. It is like a blast from the past. I have lots of wonderful memories from my High School days! After all I found the love of my life at that High School. Barbie and I have been together ever since. A total of 28 years we have known one another, we have been married almost 26 years now.

I have found in my MDiv studies, a new love that I love. It is Greek. It has been both a challenge and a wonderful learning adventure. I don't think I would ever be a Greek scholar, but I truly find the study of the Biblical language wonderful! Well, I am going to quit blogging now and call it night. Maybe, just maybe someone will post a comment on here and that will keep me motivated to blog.