Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spiritual Journey

It has been a long while since I last posted. No excuses - just have not kept it up to date. Once again, I am attempting to try.

I thought I would beging this new post with the Spiritual Journey that the Lord has called our church to particpate in. We have been in this special emphasis on prayer, Bible Study and being faithful to the house of God for the past three weeks. I would venture to say that it has certainly impacted all of our lives. We have had some outstanding services over the past three weeks. During a recent evening service, a young man came to be prayed for and the Lord worked a miracle in his life! He was set free from alcohol addiction! I am believing that for the next several weeks as we take this journey together, that God is going to do a miraculous work in our midst!

We are looking for great things to occur during this special emphasis on spiritual discipline. God bless you and if you don't have a home church, come check us out!!